• I happily accept custom orders if you would like something made that is not offered on my shop. Contact me and I would love to work something out with you ♡

  • All items in my shop (unless they are listed under my "Ready to Ship" section) are made to order and handmade especially for you

  • I am always happy to alter my designs in anyway to ensure you are happy with your item.

    • example:

      • add length to top design

      • make straps racerback style

      • add multiple colors to an original solid color design

      • add tassels or other embellishments

      • and any other requests you have!


Payment is always required in order to hold a place in my order queue

  • Once your payment goes through, you are added to my order list and your item is made in order of placement

  • Payment plans are available for certain items

Payment Plans 

Payment plans are offered for some of my more expensive items or for custom orders over $150.  

(Items that have a payment plan option say so in their description)

  • Deposit is required to hold space on my order list

  • Payments can be made two ways

  1. Paid in any amount that you can afford whenever you can afford it

  2. Based on a set payment plan over specific timeline

  • I work on your order based on the amount of payment I receive (i.e. if you pay for 2 hours worth of labor, I will work for 2 hours on your order)

  • Your order will not ship until 100% of payments have been received by me

  • No refunds are offered for payments that have already been made


I am always open to discuss collaborations + trades with fellow small business owners! I love being able to support my fellow creatives so feel free to reach out if you are interested. It is not always guaranteed that I will be able to say yes but I am always be happy to discuss and consider all opportunities!


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